Collagen Wound Dressing Accelerates wound healing* (Box of 5 unit)

Suprasorb C Collagen Wound Dressing has a porous structure with highly pronounced capillary activity, enabling it to absorb fluid. This physical property with the continuous absorption of exudate results in the intake of cell debris (such as necrotic tissue and fibrinous coating) as well as inflammation inducing proteases and cytokines. Thereby the formation of granulation tissue is supported and accelerated. Immigration of fibroblasts is induced and collagen synthesis is stimulated. During the granulation stage and at the beginning of the epithelisation stage, the continuous supply of the defect with high grade collagen supports the new formation of the body's own collagen fibrils and fibres. The repair of the wound base supports the necessary proliferation and the migration of epidermal cells. This assists wound healing.*

Intended Purpose

Suprasorb® C is intended to be used as a dressing for accelerating wound healing and/or reducing the size of the wound.


diabetic ulcers
pressure ulcers
venous or mixed vascular ulcers
surgical wounds healing by secondary intention

Suprasorb® C


  • Supports wound healing.

  • Reduces factors which inhibit wound healing

  • Promotes and accelerates the formation of granulation tissue

  • The Suprasorb C Collagen Wound Dressing consists of collagen from calf skin.

How to apply

  1. Wound Preparation: Cleanse wound thoroughly. The surrounding skin should be clean and dry.
  2. Application of the Wound Dressing:
  • Open the sterile packaging and remove the dressing under aseptic conditions.

  • After wound cleansing, Suprasorb C is cut to the size and shape required and usually applied dry - with the side facing downwards in the pack being applied to the wound.

  • In the case of slight or, in the absence of wound secretion, we recommend Suprasorb C are moistened before application with saline or Ringer’s solution.

  • Pressing down the Suprasorb C gently promotes contact with the wound surface. Even small sections of wounds should be covered.

  • Suprasorb C should remain on the wound in a moist condition, a combination with other products from the moist wound treatment system is possible (e.g. Suprasorb H Hydrocolloid Wound Dressing).

* Claims on performance mainly base on non-clinical studies


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